Frequently asked questions

Is all your furniture realized from massive wood?

All the furniture is realized from massive wood and block boards.



What is blockboard?

Blockboard is a material that consists of a series of boards in solid wood placed close together, glued and pressed between two outer thin panels in wooden material. It forms a finished product which can guarantee esthetical properties of solid wood optimizing its performances.
Once joined, the panel is very solid and long lasting but light at the same time.
We choose to use it for example in classical lines for the realization of all structures as cabinets and showcases with mobile parts requesting durability and elasticity such as doors, drawers or table boards.



Do you manufacture tailor made furniture?

Of course, we can create tailor made furniture, kitchens, armchairs and sofas according to customer’s needs, both from catalogue proposed models and designing unique models based on specific needs.
For more information consult Who we are on our web page.



Can the customer always choose the furniture colors?

Yes, final details and nuances are absolutely personalized. For more information consult Who we are on our web page.



Is delivery included in the purchase price?

Yes, delivery is included in the purchase price. If a specialised technician is not required for assembly (as in the case, for example, of smaller items such as beds, tables and furnishing accessories), the products purchased will be delivered by one of our regular carriers and delivered in the packaging to the ground floor, without an appointment (delivery will be notified in advance by phone).

What is the estimated delivery time?

Allow approximately 30 days plus transport time for delivery.



How to make a payment?

Payment can be done in several ways, according to client’s needs:
– in cash
– bank transfer.



Who does the measurements for furniture production?

In the estimate phase we don’t need the exact measures, just an indication. Once the models are chosen our technicians will come to your place and take all necessary measures for the production.



What should be checked before purchase if the customer has taken their own measurements?

Before confirming the order, it is wise to check whether all elements in the room that may be in the way of the furniture – such as windows, doors, radiators, electrical sockets and light switches – have been taken into consideration. We also recommend measuring the perimeter of the room, to draw a simple ground plan so that the position of the furnishings can be clearly identified.



Can we order together with our kitchen all the household appliances?

Yes, our wish is to follow and offer to the client the best possible service, with all the commodities. That’s why we have chosen the best models of household appliances, in order to realize the integral project of your kitchen.



Do you sell also planks and mattresses?

Yes, we have large offer of planks and mattresses satisfying all your needs.



Are there particular instructions for the use and maintenance of the wooden furniture?

If the product is not supplied with special instructions for use, the customer must take account of the following:

  • The furniture must be installed in settings where the conditions are compatible with the quality of our products (temperature 18-22 °C and relative humidity 55-75%).
  • The furniture must be placed at a distance of at least 70 cm from heat sources.
  • The furniture must not be subjected to sudden shifts in temperature of more than 10°C.
  • The room the furniture is placed in must be flat.
  • Take care with sharp objects and the like, which could damage the varnish on the furniture.
  • Do not place irons or hot pans or other objects straight from the cooker on the furniture.
  • Immediately dry any water spilled on the furniture.
  • Clean the wooden parts of the product with a soft cloth and neutral detergents without alcohol or ammonia, then dry the surface immediately with a dry cloth.
  • It is advisable to install a dehumidifier to guarantee the humidity level required.