Frequently asked questions

Is all your furniture realized from massive wood?

All the furniture from the Classical line is realized from massive wood and block boards.
Furniture from the Modern line is realized from water repellent ecological panels “E0” and finished with opaque or lucid elements depending on the model.



What is blockboard?

Blockboard is a material that consists of a series of boards in solid wood placed close together, glued and pressed between two outer thin panels in wooden material. It forms a finished product which can guarantee esthetical properties of solid wood optimizing its performances.
Once joined, the panel is very solid and long lasting but light at the same time.
We choose to use it for example in classical lines for the realization of all structures as cabinets and showcases with mobile parts requesting durability and elasticity such as doors, drawers or table boards.



Do you manufacture tailor made furniture?

Of course, we can create tailor made furniture, kitchens, armchairs and sofas according to customer’s needs, both from catalogue proposed models and designing unique models based on specific needs.
For more information consult Who we are on our web page.



Can the customer always choose the furniture colors?

Yes, final details and nuances are absolutely personalized. For more information consult Who we are on our web page.



Are the transport and assemblage included in a price?

Transport and assemblage are included in the price of product.

What is the estimated delivery time?

Furniture is delivered in about 20 working days.



How to make a payment?

Payment can be done in several ways, according to client’s needs:
in cash
bank transfer
credit card
installment payment, based on client’s credit card.



Who does the measurements for furniture production?

In the estimate phase we don’t need the exact measures, just an indication. Once the models are chosen our technicians will come to your place and take all necessary measures for the production.



Can we order together with our kitchen all the household appliances?

Yes, our wish is to follow and offer to the client the best possible service, with all the commodities. That’s why we have chosen the best models of household appliances, in order to realize the integral project of your kitchen.



Have your sofas the removable textile?

Of course, all our sofas and armchairs have removable textiles, ensuring fast and effective cleaning.



Do you sell also planks and mattresses?

Yes, we have large offer of planks and mattresses satisfying all your needs.