Security doors

Guaranteed security and solidity

Solidity and sturdiness to protect you and your family.

We offer the ideal solutions to keep unwanted intruders out.
Our security doors are designed to offer excellent performances: burglar resistant and good thermal and sound insulation.
The various models available all feature galvanized steel frames and double insulated doors fitted with patented systems. All doors have burglary resistance, thermal transmittance and soundproofing insulation certifications issued by recognised European test institutes.



iconmonstr-pdf-file-4-icon-16 See the technical data sheet of the Platinum model structure.
iconmonstr-pdf-file-4-icon-16 See the technical data sheet of the Steel model structure.


Discretion is the key

The TRADIZIONE series of security doors is ideal for a warm and welcoming home, with a simple and sober style suitable for both classic and modern furnishings. The clean and well defined lines will make you feel pleasantly protected in your home.


A touch of design

The CONTEMPORANEO series is the ideal solution for those that love to distinguish themselves. The proposals of this series combine security with the pleasure of enjoying every day an Italian design product, without excesses, which maintains the finesse of Italian style.

Wing collection

Pure technology

This line is dedicated to those that require cutting edge technology combined with a subtle design. The WING COLLECTION, created to meet even the most demanding tastes, will protect your family without ever being unoriginal.